Welcome to the Off Grid Store
We're dedicated to bringing you the finest in Off Grid wares and sundries for the day when it finally does hit the fan.   large product photo

The brainchild of David Bissette of The Grain Mill of Wake Forest, The Off Grid Store will be the go-to place for all things non-electric in Central and Eastern NC. In the event of an unreliable or non-existant electricty grid, the Off Grid Store will be operated in a similar fashion to the General country stores of the old west, complete with manual legers, credit booklets, and hand written receipts.

Currently we are in the fund-raising and planning stages of business development and are seeking like minded investors.

If you're interested in talking to David regarding an investment opportunity in The Off Grid Store, please call (919) 526-4573 or email catawbacoops@gmail.com

Thank you!